Active participation in recreational and competitive sports is increasing day by day due to the increasing popularity of physical activity and interest in sports as a career option. The number of individuals participating in competitive, recreational and adventure sports is also rising steadily making India a sporting nation. The capacity of sportspersons to train, sustain and excel in the field depends on appropriate nutritional, physical, physiological and psychological strategies, all implemented harmoniously.

The Association of Sports Nutrition & Fitness Sciences was formed in order to provide a holistic platform of all sports science related areas including but not limited to ‘Exercise Physiology’, ‘Sports Nutrition’, ‘Sports Psychology’, ‘Sports Physiotherapy’, ‘Sports Medicine’, and ‘Fitness Training’. Sports Science is specific to the type of sport, season, timing and age of sportsperson, and completely different from principles applicable for non-sports persons and/or other groups of population. There is also an urgent need to disseminate scientific information on nutrition, hydration and exercise practices, food fads, and supplement intake to cause significant improvements in the athletes’ health and performance.

Note: The association is a scientific forum and would not endorse or encourage commercial ventures.


To provide access to the Indian sportspersons fitness enthusiasts, their coaches / trainers to science based knowledge in various allied fields and enable them achieve and maintain health “compete and win national and international events with sporting spirit”.


  1. To provide a platform for sports and exercise nutritionists and experts from allied sciences to exchange scientific information on sports nutrition and fitness sciences.
  2. To provide scientific support to the sportspersons and exercise enthusiasts in order to facilitate achievement of their potential.


  1. To integrate sports nutrition with sports science, fitness and other allied fields.
  2. To provide platform for updating current knowledge and practices in the field of sports nutrition and fitness
  3. To contribute towards successful performance of Indian sports persons at national and international level
  4. To facilitate implementation of modern training system of sportspersons beyond Indian traditional ‘Gurukul System’.


  1. To disseminate appropriate scientific information on sports nutrition,exercise and fitness science through seminars, meetings, journals, newsletters and digital media.
  2. To provide nutritional and dietary guidelines and general exercise prescription guidelines for practicing sports and fitness nutritionists.
  3. To provide scientific training in the assessment of nutritional status, physical and psychological fitness through workshops.
  4. To develop appropriate scientific strategies for the prevention, management and rehabilitation of sports/fitness injuries.
  5. To promote the culture of good lifestyle practices especially regular physical activity and dietary patterns among various sections of population.
  6. To address myths and fallacies in dietary practices among sports persons and safeguard athletes from incorrect/ unscientific / faulty dietary practices.
  7. To certify sports nutritionists for professional practice.
  8. To provide sports nutrition and fitness science advice through various sports federations.
  9. To associate with relevant national and international organizations so as to be updated with relevant guidelines and prescriptions.
  10. To set up a training facility in the area of physical performance enhancement.